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    【Domestic News】Above the Dreams, Beneath the Waves

    Created on:2020-08-24

    About 50% of the world's tunnels under construction are in China, signifying China a leading country in tunneling, of which comprehensive tunneling technology has reached the world's advanced level. On August 7, 2020, the "world-class challenging project" Shantou Bay Tunnel was successfully crossed through, conquering world-class construction difficulties such as submarine lonestone, bedrock and 8-degree seismic intensity area, opening a new chapter in the construction of cross-river and cross-sea tunnel.


    In order to further summarize and discuss the challenges faced in the construction of cross-river and cross-sea tunnel, a high-end forum for the construction technology of large section cross-river and cross-sea TBM tunnel was held in Shantou, Guangdong on August 22.



    Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Qian Qihu, Zhou Fulin, Nie Jianguo, Du Yanliang, Niu Xinqiang, Zheng Jianlong, Ren Huiqi, Xie Xianqi, Li Shucai, International Tunnel and Underground Space Association Chairman Yan Jinxiu, industry authorities like Liu Hui, Hong Kairong, Xiao Guanping, Wang Dujuan, Chen Jian, and hundreds of experts gathered together to discuss technical problems and countermeasures in the construction of China's cross-river and cross-sea tunnels.



    Yu Baolin, chairman of CRTG officiate at the opening ceremony.



    Chen Yun, President of China Railway Group commented :“ As the main force of infrastructure construction in China and one of the world's largest construction contractors, China Railway Group has built a series of super projects that demonstrate the international leading level of tunnel and underground construction in China. This forum will play a major role in promoting China's key technologies in tunnel and underground engineering construction, climbing the world's technological peaks.”



    "Accidents of Large TBM Tunneling and Reflections on Extra Large TBM Engineering", a speech given by academician Qian Qihu.



    “The successful construction of the Shantou Bay Tunnel has filled the construction gap the domestic TBM tunnel with large cross-section underwater, indicating that China's large TBM tunnel construction technology and equipment manufacturing technology have made important breakthroughs. China has carried out more than 160 underwater tunnel constructions, which has promoted China's tunnel technology to a new stage of crossing rivers and seas.”, Hong Kairong, Chief Engineer of CRTG commented.


    Cao Bin, the general manager of CRTG, summed up that this forum was not only an academic feast, but also an interweaving and collision of construction concepts in the field of tunnels and underground engineering, which drew a grand blueprint for the construction of TBM tunnels with large sections across the river and sea. This high-end forum making us deeply feel that theory is the precursor of action, innovation is the soul of the development, and duty is the embodiment of responsibility. Taking this forum as an opportunity, China Railway Tunnel Group will make it as our own responsibility to lead the technological innovation of large-section TBM tunnel construction across the river and sea, contribute wisdom and strength to serve the national development strategy, boost the construction of "One Belt and One Road", build a "community with a Shared future for mankind", and realize a more civilized and harmonious human society.