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    【Georgia News】Chartered Flight Of CRTG Arrived In Tbilisi For Work Resumption

    Created on:2020-08-30

    On August 28, 2020, through the communication with the Embassy Of The People's Republic Of China In Georgia, the Employer-Roads Department Of Georgia, the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Georgia and the Ministry Of Health Of Georgia, and after approvals from the relevant domestic authorities of China, 68 employees of the China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd. Branch in Georgia boarded the charter flight from Zhengzhou to Georgia operated by the China Southern Airlines to participate in the work resumption in the construction of Kvensheti-Kobi Road (Tunnel Section) under North-South Corridor. Before departure, CRTG organized all flight crews to conduct health examinations and PCR tests to ensure the health and safety, and escort the safe construction.



    It cost three months to get the approval of application for charter flight. CRTG's employees obtained the entry visa with the strong support of the Embassy of The People's Republic of China In Georgia and the coordination of relevant Georgian departments and authorities, which is of great significance for resuming work.


    CRTG is keeping abreast of the epidemic control, and situation of the work resumption of the project in Georgia. The domestic and overseas staffs exchanged and discussed via official video conference per day. The works of epidemic prevention and control, construction preparation and material bidding promoted methodically.


    Since the COVID - 19 outbreak in Georgia, the project department has launched an emergency plan immediately, established a team for epidemic preventing and controlling, detailed items of epidemic prevention and determined personnel responsibilities, and put all preventive measures into daily production and employees’ life. For instance, the CRTG Georgia Branch issued measures about temperature monitoring per day, daily work of effective disinfection, and the safety social distance was noticed by the controls such as the epidemic prevention training or Poster, etc. With the CRTG headquarters’ assistance, the CRTG Georgia Branch has arranged the relevant works effectively in humanistic care, psychological counseling, and life security for overseas employees. Besides, the company has allocated funds for epidemic prevention and purchased medical masks, Lianhua Qingwen capsule and other epidemic prevention materials. At the same time, the company also carried out solicitude activities for employees’ family, so that the majority of employees could feel the concern and warmth of the CRTG.



    The LOT1 project (tunnel section) of the Kvesheti to Kobi road section under the North-South Corridor is located in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti. The project utilized a 15.08 meters TBM with the largest diameter in the world for the construction, and this project is currently the longest road tunnel in Georgia. The successful implementation of this project has an important sense for further expanding the infrastructure markets in Georgian and Europe.