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    【Peru News】CRTG Peru Branch actively carried out the Online Learning Classes during epidemic isolation

    Created on:2020-06-30

    At present, the epidemic situation is serious in Peru, and all employees of the company have been isolated and worked at apartment for more than three months. During the epidemic isolation period, CRTG Peru Branch actively carried out online training and learning class.


    Since CRTG Peru Branch successfully held Spanish classes, Chinese classes, and "Let's talk" professional classes in November last year, the company has been surrounded by a strong learning atmosphere. After isolation due to the spread of the epidemic in Peru, the original learning classes activities were transferred from offline to online PPT lectures. In the Spanish class, Tatiana, an employee of the administrative department, teaches Spanish to Chinese employees,while in the Chinese class, Zhao Peixin, a Chinese employee of the administrative department, teaches Chinese to local employees.

    The schedule of learning classes activities is as follows:






                  Tuesday 15:00-16:30               

                  Professional classes-CVSP             


    Tuesday 17:45-18:30

    Spanish class-CRTG


    Wednesday 15:00-16:30

       Professional classes-CRTG


    Thursday 17:45-18:15

    Chinese class-CVSP


    Friday 17:45-18:30

    Chinese class-CRTG


    Because of the current epidemic in Peru, long-term isolation brings not only physical restraint but also psychological pressure. The development of learning classes activities has maintained daily communication between employees, and the fixed schedule of courses has also kept everyone in a regular condition. At the same time, Spanish and Chinese classes promote the communication between Chinese and Peruvian employees, and professional classes provide a platform for knowledge expanding and ideas colliding.


    CRTG Peru Branch will continue to engage in online learning classes activities, actively enrich the employees' isolated life, and draw closer to each other, so as to strengthen the confidence of everyone to work together and fight against the epidemic.

    (Editor: Zhao Peixin)