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    【Israel News】Tel Aviv LRT Red Line Project Won The Owners' Three Annual Safety Honors

    Created on:2020-03-02

    【Tel Aviv News】On February 3rd(Israeli Time), the owner of the Tel Aviv LRT Red Line project, NTA - Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd., held an annual safety summary meeting for all construction sites under its control in 2019. System Project of The Red Line won three awards in the conference. The project's safety manager Steven and the on-site safety manager Liu Min were awarded as the Excellent Safety Manager of the Year. In the evaluations for 49 construction sites, the Depot Work Area won the title of top three in safety and security departments.


    The Owner adopts European standard system for management; in addition, there are a series of challenges : diversity of project personnel, different construction concepts, phased site handover and complex site interface, intercultural communication, and problem solving ability etc. Moreover, the Owner put strictest requirements for safety management, and meanwhile, safety management is one of their most concerned items. which requests the security management team equiped with capabilities in professionality, technology, and language etc., and with the core skills of the team's cohesion and collaboration.